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August 30, 2012
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Sebastian Kirrahe - TMM by Sketchyeh Sebastian Kirrahe - TMM by Sketchyeh
OC submission for :iconthemerrymabari:


Sebastian J. Kirrahe

Level: 10

:bulletorange: Background: He was raised on a farm alongside two younger siblings, and joined the Ferelden military when he was a man of 18 or 19. He frequently paid visits to the Mabari between sentences, and lives close by, no more than a day's ride off. He is a soldier, and after the death of his father he's come to stay to earn coin for his family, and seek out those who killed him.

:bulletgreen: Specialization
:bulletwhite: SOLDIER
- Soldiers are taught to fight with clear methods and discipline. A soldier does not charge senselessly, or rage, but he waits patiently for an opening to deliver a simple but effective attack. A soldier may not reach the peak ability of more passionate warriors, but at their worst they outperforms everyone with stable discipline. 

:bulletwhite: MERCENARY - Mercenaries all over are united by a penchant for getting paid, and doing no more work for the money than is really needed. A mercenary has little care for honorable fighting, and so focuses on roguish flanking maneuvers to overcome opponents quick and easy.

:bulletorange: Jinx/Jinxes: 

Redshirt - The character is cursed with misfortune, and is prone to suffering grievous injuries. GMs should feel at liverty to punish the character with whatever non-permanent injuries they can think up. 

:bulletgreen: Abilities:

Rim Slash - The character aims a hard strike at the target's throat or head with the edge of the shield. Targets hit hard are stunned by the attack. A blade-edged shield can do more damage, but doesn't stun. 

Assault - The character attempts to block the enemy's weapon with their shield, and move in for 2 normal attacks, with a good chance of blocking retaliation. 

Shield Defense - The character focuses on staying safe behind the shield, gaining a defense bonus against both melee and ranged attacks. May be used together with moving and a tier one attack talent. 

Juggernaut - 
The character charges forward, tackling enemies with the shield, knocking any human sized or smaller targets down or back, possibly stunning or disorienting knocked over targets.

Lunge - 
The character pounces towards a target, thrusting her weapon forward to it's maximum reach. When correctly timed, the attack will catch the opponent off-guard, dealing increased damage, and having increased odds of hitting a weak spot in armor.

Sweeping Kick - 
 The character makes a swift roundhouse, reverse roundhouse, or a leg sweep at the target. Targets hit in the head are likely to be staggered or knocked down. Reduced effect against padded helmets and armors. Successful leg sweeping automatically causes knockdown. Torso hits yield no bonus effects. May be used while carrying LIGHT weaponry!

Drilled Defense -
The Soldier keeps her guard up, gaining a good chance of parrying or blocking incoming attacks. Every successfully deflected attack is returned with a quick and punishing swing of the soldier's weapon. The defense is so thoroughly drilled in that it remains effective even during distracting conditions.

Carnage Surveyor - 
The soldier is a survivor of numerous battles and skirmishes, and can often piece together what has happened at a site of bloodshed by the trails on the ground.

Packmule -  Soldiers are used to carrying the heaviest packs of gear imaginable over the longest and most inhumane march distances. A soldier suffers little wearyness from the picnic paced travel of TMM groups. The soldier can also comfortably try looting larger and heavier items.


Expert Scavenger - The true mercenary prefers to spend coin on booze and pleasures rather than weapons and armor. A mercenary using this talent can loot useful bits and pieces from even the worst mauled armors and wrecked weapons that most would consider unsalvageable. 

Head Hammer - The thrasher tries to catch hold of an opponent, then proceeds to rapidly headbutt them up to 3 times. A successfully hit target is very likely to be stunned and disoriented. The character is used to the maneuver, and is unlikely to suffer notable damage or disorientation himself. 

:bulletorange: Skills:
Persuasion [Master] - Sebastian could talk a skeleton out of his skin if he really set his mind to it, tbh. *Includes his expert use of the 'puppy eyes'. Beware the puppy eyes! 

:bulletgreen: Weapons:
A white steel shield - which is his pride and joy - complete with bladed edge and a sturdy, relatively good quality longsword. 

:bulletorange: Armor:
<da:thumb id="491520241">
Medium, sturdy leather/hide armor. 

:bulletgreen: Items:

On hand:
A butterknife.
x1 Flask of oil
x1 Torch
x1 Health poultice

At the tavern:
Hella cool painting.
A diamond necklace.
Documents (to be sold to a merchant) 
2 bottles of Antivan wine. 
7 heartwood arrows. 
3 saphires. 
Gold ore. 
Documents to confirm allegiance with the Vipers. 

:bulletorange: Gold: 16G 14S

:bulletgreen: Current Wounds/Damage:

:bulletorange: Memes 

HEART CHART   -  <da:thumb id="489318230">

:bulletgreen: Scars and/or tattoos :heart:
- Scar across his forehead. No, not like harry potter.
- Along his body he has various scars of different sizes, lengths and depths. 
- His side has a deep, ugly scar from being almost cleaved in two. 
- His legs are covered in almost-healed burn scars from a trap that was set on him. Magically healed, but still noticeable. 
- A thick scar on the bridge of his nose from an axe wound. 
- A stomach wound from the same axe. 

:bulletorange: Reference items and whatnot:
-Second one (left to right)… for his armor.

- He has dark ginger hair that appears to have a browny tinge to it.
- He has friendly green eyes
- Scar across his forehead.

:bulletgreen: Pet(s):
Boaris - A boar piglet he rescued from hunters who were harming it. Likely staying at his family's farm. 

Willie - A chocolate labrador pup he got for his birthday. At the inn. 
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